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Travis County Fire Rescue – ESD 11 is one of 13 emergency service districts in Travis County and we provide fire protection, EMS first response and rescue services to approximately 30,000 people over an area of 120 square miles. We are a 24 hour a day operation, providing service from three fire stations (see map below), answering about 2,200 emergency incidents per year.

Because much of our service area is a combination of rural and suburban population density, the timeframe for an ambulance can be lengthy. As such, it was our goal to help fill in the gap and in January 2006, the department launched a program to train our fire fighters to provide advanced levels of EMS care so that the initial treatment of the sick and injured could be provided from the fire engines while the ambulance was still responding.

Another unique aspect of our department is the emphasis on training. All of our fire fighters are trained in rope rescue, water rescue and other aspects of technical rescue. Further, on the fire fighting side, we continue to enjoy a long tradition of training with some of the best fire fighters from around the country, including crews from Los Angeles, New York City and Dallas. Our commitment to training is integral to meeting the needs of the people in our community and part of our ongoing effort to make sure that we are ready to serve.

Lastly, our mission is to service the needs of the citizens of Travis County in whatever capacity possible with fighting fires and saving lives at the forefront of our mission. We know that we exist at the expense of the community and will never lose sight that service to our fellow man is part of the American fire service tradition.